Factory Automation Solution / Services (FASS)

FASS where industry looks for an expertize to offer cost effective solution / services. We are offering PLC of reputed make and it is customers choice if demand (Open System House ) where clients have already exposure or having installed base. The independent automation solutions catering to clients requirements are the major advantage with AAICL. We do have a tie up with Sietec Solutionz to carry out above activities.

Turnkey Automation Contractor; PLC/ SCADA /Control room Instrumentation & Electrical Solutions: Engineering and implementation MCC/ VFD –Electrical Panels

Process Management

Data Historisation, Data mining,
Convergence of
plant data
Alarm Analysis and
Data Analysis & Mathematical
Data Reconciliation &
Operations Management

Inventory Management & Accounting
Production analysis & Manufacturing
Execution Systems
Custom manufacturing , business portals;KPI Monitoring
Overall Equipment Effectiveness & Energy Analysis
Production Scheduling & Management
Asset Management

Preventive maintenance management, Work Order Management
Monitor equipment downtime and efficiency
Inventory/Warranty Management
Smart linking between plant floor DCS/SCADA to enterprise level asset management
Enterprise Management

Integrate plant floor data to Enterprise Systems
Integrate multisite energy and operations to ERP Systems
Synchronize operations management systems to ERP
Implementation of ERP systems for Asset Management & Project Management